Tuesday, September 18

Pillow Talk

I don’t think I’ve shared this project with you.    I am not a sewer.   I can do basic sewing, hem pants etc.   I occasionally sew on my handmade cards.    I did make a basic rag quilt for each of my grandchildren.  You can view them HERE and HERE. They turned out pretty good.  I’ve decided I want to start making a few things for my home.   I know!   One more thing to add to my many lists of projects.  I guess the main goal I have is to make a few quilts.   I am obsessed and love homemade quilts!

A couple of months ago, I purchased a new sewing machine.  I purchased my old one back in the early 80’s and used it to make a few clothes for my children when they were young.   It has mended quite a few things.  It basically has two stitches.  Straight and zigzag.   Very basic. The new one is a little fancier but I wasn’t about the spend $4000 for the new Bernina that I continue to drool over.    Maybe some day one will show up on my door step.  LOL!

My first project was basic envelope pillow covers for my couch.    I probably should have taken pictures of the process but that didn’t happen.   The pillows are made out of the same fabric as the couch.   I really wanted to add a little color to the room.  My favorite colors are shades of red and green. It was hard to find fabric in these colors that didn't look like Christmas.    I went to the Home Fabrics store and found this fabric.  It is a heavier drapery type of fabric.  I love it!






They are very basic and easy, I found a few ideas from Pinterest before making them. If you want to know the basic idea, you can look  HERE.    I love Pinterest.   I have so many fun sewing projects pinned that I can’t quite figure out what to do next.   I was thinking maybe something like these cute towels for the holidays.


Maybe I can squeeze them in between all of my Photography, Card Making, Digital Scrapbooking, Art Journaling and Christmas Painting projects.    Speaking of Christmas painting…. It’s that season and I have several orders for projects so I really need to get busy.    You know I’ll be sharing some of them in the future.

Here is another picture of the pillows.   Wide angle lens attached.




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