Sunday, September 23

Boo to You!

It’s official..  I got out my brushes and paints Friday night.   It has begun.   I have several custom projects to paint for Christmas.   I haven’t painted anything for Fall for a few years so I decided to paint these cute little Halloween pins. I love painting wearable art.

WARNING!!!   I am sharing a lot of pictures!




Fall is my favorite time of year.  I love the cool crisp air and I love all of the colors.



First I base coat all of the colors.  I then add all of the shading and detail.    I found this Glamour Dust while shopping at my favorite art store.  It is a sheer paint with colored very fine glitter in it.   It’s perfect for a little added bling.



After I’ve finished painting and signing each piece they get a coat of clear acrylic spray to seal the paint.



Pins are glued to the back.

IMG_4081_edited-1 IMG_4082_edited-1

Aren't these the cutest little kitties?   I love the candy corn bow ties.

IMG_4087_edited-1 IMG_4090_edited-1


A bowl full of fun!

Products used:  1/8” wood. Paint brushes. Americana acrylic paint. Glamour Dust. Mod Podge acrylic spray sealer.  E600 glue. Pins. Pigma marker.



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Tonya Jastad said...

Great Job! I have been feeling the itch to get my paints out and these cuties might be the tipping point!

Anonymous said...

These are just so cute....I can't decide on a favorite.

cathym said...

These are adorable! Everything you do is so well executed! I used to tole paint and the hours I spent carefully painting gifts for family and friends were some of the most enjoyable I've ever spent.

Sandee said...

I want a kitty with a candy corn bowtie.