Sunday, September 30


Do you like Pinterest? There are SO many ideas.  How many things have you actually tried that you’ve pinned?  I’ve tried quite a few recipes.  I’ve used many cards as templates.   I’ve used a couple of idea’s for sewing and crafting and my most recent find is this…. 


You know last winter I purchased the old VERY HEAVY door cut in half and have it hanging in my entry way.  I cleaned the chalk area and have been trying to find something to write on it.  I wrote this yesterday.  What do you think?



Be creative!

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Anonymous said...

Great idea. I use Pinterest quite a bit...especially when I am looking for a good book to read...I head straight to my board...also when I am looking for some art journaling ideas I go to that board...I'm still hoarding recipes...have only used a few. I love pinterest.