Saturday, July 23

The View From My Back Door

Summer Heat =  I want to stay in the house with the cool air!    Yesterday was the low 80’s.  I love that weather!   Today is supposed to be  the low 90’s … and tomorrow is supposed to be at least 100.    

When I got up this morning it was a cool 50 degree’s.   I went out back and snapped a couple of random shots.     The corn in the field behind us is really growing.   It is now taller than the fence.  I wonder if it’s sweet corn?

Can you see the Boise Foothills in the distance?

I have a flowering chokecherry tree back there, too.   It gets the prettying clumps of very sweet smelling white clumps of blooms each spring..  The tree is green when it first leafs out and gradually turns to a deep purple.     Those little blooms….. well they turn into small little chokecherries.   

The chokecherries are just starting to ripen and the birds are now discovering that… 

Over the next couple of days… this tree will be full of birds and the cherries will be gone….     This morning there were juvenile robins in the tree…  they didn’t like their picture taken.


What’s the view from your back door?



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♥Jacqueline said...

Ha! I would love to give a view, but it is rather pathetic! We have half lawn and half river rock. Not a very pleasant combination. lol ;)

Brandy said...

Currently it's other houses. :( I MISS CORN! Those are beautiful pictures!

Cherie said...

I've got flowers and tall trees as my view!

ArtfulLee Designed said...

A lovely view Michelle, I love the hills in the background.
the view out my back door is my lovely garden with its relaxing water feature, the trees and birds.