Saturday, July 23

Button, Button, Who has the Button??

I’ve been collecting buttons for many years.    Why?   Who knows!  Why does anyone collect anything?  I just love them.  I use them on painted projects.  I use them on paper crafting projects…. Cards, Scrapbooking, etc..    I’ve even used them when I’ve had one missing on a clothing item…    Plus…. They’re pretty and colorful and well…..  buttons.  

I painted this button box in 1995.   It has been roughed up and had a lot of attention.   My kids and nieces have dumped them out, counted them, organized them and probably lost a few.   My Grandson has even had his hands in them a few times.   

These are in my craft room…

My Mama even found this little coin clutch for me last time she was at The Coast…   I just cant bring myself to cut the buttons off of it.   It will stay displayed on my shelf.

What do you Collect that makes you happy?



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Anonymous said...

Hey you! Collections are what make us happy.....for you it's buttons...for me it's crochet doilies. I can't stop myself. But it's weird for me because I actually crochet doilies of my why am I compelled to keep on hoarding vintage ones? Who knows? So what? Who cares? Who cares? So what? and you know what else, So what! Keep on collecting! you colours are so organized and I love that! I love vintage pearly whites and cream buttons myself...maybe I should start a new collection! lol
Have a great Day!

ciao bella
Creative Carmelina

ArtfulLee Designed said...

What a lovely button collection Michelle and a nice way to display them. I would find it hard to cut the ones of the little purse too.
What do I collect? I don't think I have a stand out item that I collect, i have little collections in all areas of the house. Being winter here I am loving my scarf collection, I love reading and love collecting books by my favourite authors, and craft wise, I love collecting papers and stamps.
Have a great day