Tuesday, July 27

A Quick Reminder….

My Dad taught me how to fish as soon as I was old enough to stand up and hold a pole.   I have many fond memories of him getting off work and gathering all of us kids and taking us to the nearest fishing hole for the evening.
When my kids were young,  their dad and I took them camping and fishing….  ALOT!    They  had so much fun….  everything from creeks, to lakes, to beaver ponds.   Scissorbella was quite the fly fisherman….  
How soon I forgot….
Three year olds have NO TIME or patience to sit and hold a fishing pole..    
…except of course if there is already a fish on the hook; then they are ready and more than willing to reel it in.
I took Carter to a new little stocked trout pond about a mile from the house Saturday evening.  Quite honestly….  I’m quite surprised I got these two photo’s of him…

Carters Dad, Punk Snowboarder, still loves to fish… and he’s taken Carter a few times.   My middle Daughter,  Rockstar Chick,  loves to fish.  She carries her pole and tackle box in her trunk at all times.  You never know when you might want to stop by the river on your way home from work.. Now that Scissorbella is married.. I think she’ll be going a little more often..
Give a Man a fish and you
feed him for a day.   Teach
a Man to fish and you’ll
feed him for a lifetime.

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Scrappy Girl said...

I hate fishing. I put it in the same category as camping! Your little fisherman looks so cute.

♥Jacqueline♥ said...

Very fun!