Saturday, December 20

Digital Cards

I posted previously that I was going to make a few digital Christmas cards. I took several pictures of My Handyman and I, holding my arm out as far as I could. Well.. the Handyman can get impatient! (NO!) So this is as good as it gets. Ain't nothing but the real thing... Baby!

PS. I painted the snowman in the background.



Both of our faces are cut off , but its the love and thoughts that count!!!

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Judy said...

You did a better job that I have ever done trying to take a picture of myself. Great card.

April said...

Hi Michelle!

I'm visiting from SITS! Love your cute Christmas cards...very creative! Have a wonderful Christmas!

Lorie said...

Those cards are fun! Good job!

Summerthyme Studio said...

I LOVE those pictures.... and the layouts are just Beautiful Michelle.

I hope you have a WONDERFUL Holiday!



Barbara said...

This is a really good picture of you and your handyman. Smiles... B

Brandy said...

LOVE these! so adorable!