Sunday, December 21

Family Christmas Party

We had our family Christmas party last night at my house. Mom lives in Northern Idaho and isn't able to come home for Christmas because she Manages a Grocery Store up there. You all know what retail is like this time of the year... so NO vacations!
My sister Sandee set up her camera and we recorded a couple of songs for her. We wanted her to feel like she was with us and that we're thinking of her. We love you Mom!!

Click on the picture and it will take you to the video! Please don't judge our family. We tend to get a little crazy at times! (Turn off music at the bottom of the blog)

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Jodi said...

How sweet to think of your mom like that. My brother is in Austratlia and it will be weird without him too.

Stop by again!

Nana said...

Hey, doesn't every family get a little crazy? Glad you had fun.
Merry Christmas.

dorothymae said...

A wonnerful, wonnerful!!! Thank you everyone! I loved it. You made my day. I am buried in snow tonight. my neighbor had to rescue me cuz I was stuck on the hill coming up to my house and might be stuck here for a day or two. 12 new inches of snow today!!! More coming. I want to be on flat land again!!! Love every single solitary one of you!!!!!!!!!!1

tara @ kidz said...

I love family craziness - er - uh fun! ;O)

It's just not the holidays without it!

Vicki Sullivan said...

that was sooo cool! Looks like you had a wonderful time. Merry Christmas! p.m., loved the microphones!