Friday, December 12

Michelle Needs

My sister posted this on her blog so I thought I would give it a try. Go to Google and type in your name along with needs. Then post 10 things that you need… LOL! Its kind of silly and fun

Michelle needs:

  1. $16000 after a series of unfortunate events. (This is interesting!)
  2. Needs to go pee while shopping at the mall. (Wow! How did they predict this?)
  3. Constant proof of love. (Ask my Handyman)
  4. Her own reality TV show (Far from the truth if you knew how private I am)
  5. Needs more to compete with the big boys! (The boys are pretty big!)
  6. Needs a family that is patient and understanding of her stamping habit! (I'm laughing so hard!)
  7. Needs help translating. (Good to go along with computer programming)
  8. Needs to find something to do other than dressing up. (Don't get dressed?)
  9. Needs a new wardrobe. (This might help me with my dressing up!)
  10. Needs to say NO! (This one has the most truth! Everyone wants my services)


What do YOU need??

Have a fabulous day!

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Scrappy Girl said...

That was so fun to read that I went immediately and did it too. Funny!

Valerie said...

lol You know I am gonna have to do it too. lol

Mel M. M. McCarthy said...

Heeheehee. Love your answers! I did it too. The videos on youtube were hilarious. I got I need a home (true I'm house hunting this week! LOL) Then I need votes/ a miracle/ 2000000 for a good cause (is stamping a good cause? ROFL)/and to sleep on her day off. SO true Hahahaha. Thanks for the great laugh! :O)

Judy said...

This is a good one...I love the pee at the mall.

Summerthyme Studio said...

That does look like fun!! What a beautiful Picture Michelle. You have such Pretty Eyes!!! And I hear you about the peeing at the mall thing..........hmmmmm never