Monday, December 1

Lazy Daze

I watch my dog Tanner,

Laying around the house,


Just lounging with nothing better to do...


Waiting for me to take his picture and interupt his nap.


What do you mean "leave ME alone?"


I just want to be YOU for one day... Nothing to do but lay around and sleep. Can't a girl have a dream???


Karma.. make sure there is a warm throw rug for cold feet..

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Lynette said...

Hello fellow SITS-er. We too have a yellow lab named Penny Bright. She likes it when the couch is empty and she can sleep there. But most of the time she is told to go to her room to sleep. Shakes her lil head and off she trots for a good nap.

Scrappy Girl said...

Oh to have just one lazy day...the last time I had one of those days was when I had that icky stomach virus...just not the same when you are puking your guts up! LOL! Cute furbaby!

Vicki C said...

Hey girl... shoot me an email with your addy. You won the give-a-way on my blog today!