Sunday, June 22

Pet Hair

I've had my Dyson Animal vacuum for several months now. I was very impressed when I first got it... I figured it was sucking out years of dust and dog hair out of my carpets. I filled the cannister twice the first time I used it. ARGH!!! My old vacuum is a Kirby which I thought also did a fabulous job! ROTFL PMP!!! I'm still impressed! I consider myself a pretty clean person. I dust and vacuum once a week. I have light carpet so the pet hair doesn't really show up on it.
My house is pretty small so I don't have alot to vacuum. Here is what I got today...
Take a closer look! See all of the light pet hair! Covered in dust and dander! EEEEEWE!!! The dust mites love my house! There are probably billions of them crawling everywhere!
This is the culprit! The spoiled rotten 75 pound lapdog Tanner!!
Karma... Do tasks on your own...
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Slick said... doesn't help that he's the same color as your carpet!!

Scrappy Girl said...

Ewwww....TMI....LOL....I love my Dyson too! Cute doggy. He's worth the sweepin' time.

Claudia said...

LMAO! I too have many culprits and very, very hairy furniture.

Vicki said...

Your culprit is a cutie!

Maria said...

Holy, moly! Did you take a look at what you actually sucked up? It may be a lot of carpet fibers! I noticed when I take a good look at my junk in my vacuum, it's primarily fibers from my carpet. Sometimes really good vacuum suck up even the stuff that shouldn't be sucked up.


Angel W said...

I've always wondered if those Dysons were worth the money. Thanks for the reference!!!! One of these days!
By the way, TAG.... you're it...