Sunday, June 29

Happy Birthday Nelly!

Today is the middle child's birthday. Rockstar Chick is 24 years old! I can't believe that my children are almost my age! She is a people person. Always smiling and giggling. When she was about 3 years old we were shopping at the mall... ( way back when Penney's was in Karcher Mall and the Boise Mall was still a farm field.) I was looking at clothes and as kids always do, she kept hiding under the round clothes racks and would peek out and giggle at me. Before I knew it... DEAD SILENCE! I freaked! I called her name! I looked everywhere! I was positive some weirdo had kidnapped her! What kind of Mother was I? I was frantically looking and noticed a crowd of people gathering not far from me. I ran over there and who did I find? My darling daughter posing with the mannequin's. Standing completely still, striking a pose. People were watching her, whispering and pointing. They didn't exist to her.. anyway she didn't act like she noticed them. I called her name... She looked at me... started giggling.. and ran to me. She grabbed my hand and on our way we went.
Happy Birthday my Beautiful Daughter!
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Scrappy Girl said...

Happy Bday to your daughter. It is fun to think back about the little things they do when small.

CAKVD said...

BEAUTIFUL layout!! I love it!

Judy said...

Wow, these colors are gorgeous together. And I love the simplicity of the layout.

Kim said...

This is such a neat layout! I love the colors! TFS