Sunday, June 1

The Promise

After days and days of afternoon Thunderstorms and lightning, late yesterday I stepped out my front door to view the sky. Look what I found.. God reminding me of his Promise..

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Roger said...

Nice capture Michelle! At least we get some good things out of this crazy Idaho weather. :D

Diane said...


Marlou said...

Heavenly :) I always love to see a rainbow too :)

Judy said...

Awesome photo...I haven't seen a rainbow in the sky in forever.

Julie Koerber said...

Hey Michelle! Thanks for the idea about Nestabilities storage! I forgot about those photo sheets! I used magnetic tape and it just isn't sticky enough and on top of that - it's hard to get the large and small dies in the set to fit!

Love the rainbow shot! Ironically, we had the most BEAUTIFUL rainbow tonight. I love telling my kiddos about God's promise and how the rainbow is his way of telling us her will be with us always!

Thanks for sharing!!

Speedcat Hollydale said...

AWESOME and cool BIG picture!!!!!!