Friday, July 6

When It Rains

When it Rains..... It pours!!!
I had the air conditioner repairman here yesterday. We think there may be a Freon (how do you spell that??) leak because we had to have our air conditioner charged last year, and again this year. HHMMM. The guy put a dye into it and came back yesterday. Nothing showed up. He checked all the lines. Nothing. I guess for now its working, which is a good thing, since it got up to 107 today! 20 degrees above normal....
I guess another waiting game.

Ashley (my daughter's) 4 runner over heated on Tuesday. I had to put antifreeze into it. I wouldn't let her drive it!! By Wednesday night, almost all had leaked out. I refilled it Thursday morning. I drove down to the local auto repair and told him I suspected either the water pump or radiator. He had it all day Thursday. He ran the engine for an hour, drove it around town.. and nothing. No leaks. WHAT??? no way!! its all over the road in front of our house where it leaked out Tuesday and Wednesday!! HHMMMM . This morning he noticed some bolts loose that hold the thermistat to the water pump so he tightened them.. He told me to have her watch it!
I guess another waiting game.

My husband found out last week that his employer is going to lay off probably about 25% of their people. They are the largest employer in the valley. Most of their profits are coming out of their overseas plants and they plan on outsourcing. Do we want to move to Italy or Japan?? NO WAY!!! He's an engineer - Manager.. but pretty scared that he'll be one of the many layed off. As of today... they're all still waiting. We will be working on resume's this weekend. This is riduculous!!!
I guess another waiting game!!!!!
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