Sunday, July 15

Peaceful Morning

Its been a hectic week at the house. My mom arrived Wednesday night. She had a class Thursday so she took a few extra days off and stayed through the weekend. I only get to see her a few times a year so I love when she gets to come visit. She usually stays with me. I guess she likes Ashley's Comfy bed and she can sleep in? :)
We went shopping Thurday afternoon, which I normally hate. I have to prepare myself a few days ahead and understand its just a day out with the girls. I want to just go get what I need and get out. My shopping experiences usually happen in record time. We found some fabulous sales and I came hope with more than intended. We went to Olive Garden for an early dinner. I love their salad and breadsticks!
We've been having record heat for about 2 weeks. My sister planned a BBQ/Picnic for Saturday evening. 5-6pm is the peak temperature hours in our area. It was 104 at 6pm. UGH! We were all dying. The girls filled the hot tub with the garden hose. If I would have know, I would have brought my swimming suit and sat in it with them. We came home early and Eric rented a comedy. It was nice being in the cool house!!
Overall, we had a great time with mom here. She headed North this morning. Its a long drive for her. She'll be coming back in September after the baby is born, for a week.
Its now 9am. I am the only one awake and I'm working on the computer, drinking a cup of coffee and about to read the Sunday paper. I think I'll go sit out back and take advantage of the cool morning. (about 85) before the 105+ hits later today!!
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