Friday, July 27


ITS FRIDAY! WHOO HOO!!! Another Hot One in the Country!! I was out sweeping the garage floor. Tanner sheds like crazy! I have white dog hair everywhere! Its over 100 out so I was pouring sweat! Instant FRO!!! Gotta Love the natural curls! Everyone says that I don't know how lucky I am to have such beautiful curly hair! I tell them you don't know how lucky your are NOT to have it! On hot humid days I can hardly get a comb through it! Tight little baby curls all around my head! Fuzzy little frizz pieces! My inlaws are in Minnesota where its about 95 % humidity in the summer. I had seem them several times before they came to Idaho to visit. They thought I had a New Do the first time they seen me. I couldn't figure out what they were talking about! Then I realized and started giggling! I told them this is my Desert Do. They had only seen the frizzed out curley Midwest Do! It's the same when we drive to the coast! I don't know why I bother trying to fix it. I just put in a pony for the day!!!

It's still been HOT and Smoky all week! We are surrounded by mountains and haven't even been able to see them because of the poor air and all the fires. Wilt would like to take a long weekend to the coast in August! I would love that! Fresh Air and Cool weather! Nothing Sounds better at the moment! I can hardly wait!!! We're checking out if its cheaper to fly and rent a car or drive with the high gas prices! It is finally below $3 this week!!

Tomorrow is my 9x9 scrapbook workshop. Gotta get ready for the fun. I'll take pictures and post tomorrow!!! TGIF!!!
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