Saturday, July 7


Lucky 7!!!! There are a record number or marriages today because its supposed to be so lucky. Wonder what the odds are in Vegas? I've always thought 7 is my lucky number... hhmmmm... is today lucky??? how will I know?? I didn't buy any lottery tickets... There are other reasons that I am lucky!!
1. I have a loving husband. He would do anything for me.
2. I have 3 great kids. Even though they are grown, the mother in me takes over and often wonders how they are doing. Are they making the right choices? Will they be successful? Will they remember all of the good things that I have taught them in life??
4. I have a fabulous Mother. I wish she lived closer so that I could see her more ofter. She will be in town next week. I guess that is lucky!!
5. I have a great job and work for an awesome company. I will have a HUGE ESOP retirement. I know the company will remain successful and if they continue averaging over 20% profit yearly. HHMMM... That is very lucky!!
6. I am healthy!! I try to do what is right... and I have been very LUCKY so far..... Is it genetics or luck??
7. I am happy and content with the life that I am living.. I look around me and know that things could be so much worse! God has truly blessed me!! That is NOT luck!
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