Tuesday, July 10

Week 27 - Addicting

The theme over at Project52 for week 27 is something I am obsessed with or find addicting.    I decided to take a picture of paper.   I love designer paper.   There are so many pretty patterns and colors.   I use it for all of my paper crafting projects.  Almost all of the paper that I purchase is 6x6 unless I get it from Close To My Heart then it comes in 12x12 kits.

Hopefully I’ll make a couple of projects this week to share.  I went on a road trip to North Dakota/Minnesota last week.   We left Wednesday and drove 9-12 hours a day and arrived in Fargo Friday afternoon.   Thursday I woke up and could hardly walk.   I’ve never had back problems but my lower back (Sciatic) was really bad.   I tried everything to help with the pain.  (Nothing like traveling and being miserable.)   Saturday morning I bought some pain patches and Aleve and that helped, a little.    After Flying and sitting on the Airplane for several hours I finally made it home.   Hopefully a couple of visits to the Chiropractor will help.      Enjoy your week!



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