Friday, April 22

Fresh From Heaven

This sweet little Angel just came from Heaven to be a part of our Family.

Birth:   04.21.11 at 12:38 PM    6 pounds 4 oz   18.5 inches long

Kendall Morgan Davis

Carter loves her and is protective of her already.

My Son,  the proud Father.

Grand Children are the best!

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Denise said...

So precious; congratulations Grandma! :) What an Easter blessing!

GinnaG's Paper Fun said...

Congratulations Grammie.

JoBeth said...

What a beautiful baby! A blessing from above for Easter.

Cherie said...

Congratulations!! You are so blessed :-D
Those pictures are so neat because she is just SO new...beautiful!

Pam Speidel said...

Congratulations Grandma Mish! What a special Easter blessing! ♥

Brandy said...

Kendall Morgan is the PERFECT name!! She is SO cute.

Linda Peterson said...

Congratulations on this wonderful blessing of joy!! You have very beautiful grandchildren.

Diane said...

Congrats Michele! She's beautiful!
I'm sure her Big Brother will be there for her always!!!

Barbara said...

She is beautiful