Monday, August 23

Very Early

This is a new project I just started.  This is the very early stages but I’m on a roll…  I’ve had the itch….  I have several projects I want to complete before the holidays so bear with me…..

I found some old kitchen cabinet doors at Restore.   A store that benefits Habitat for Humanity.  I thought they would make great paint projects.. along with several other things I have in my stash.

I painted the door Tradition Burnt Umber,  then rubbed on some candle wax and painted a pretty grey/blue color..  When dry, I lightly sanded.  The wax from the candle prevents the paint from sticking to the undercoat.   I love this look!


Finished project will be similar to the project at the bottom of my blog….    No two item are every the same… but fairly close..

“ You see when you’re hunting for the glad

things, you sort of forget the other kind”

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