Tuesday, December 15

Paper Wreaths

I showed you this image last week..

I finally finished my wreath over the weekend. It's as easy as pie... Well easy as pie if you know how to make pie..

Cut (6) 12x12 pieces of double side designer paper into (2) 6x12 pieces.
Then cut these 6x12 pieces into 1x6 strips. Use your craft scissors and curl the strips (just like you would curl ribbon) Using straight pins, Attach the curled paper to a 10 inch styrophone ring.($1 at the dollar store) I also attached a red ribbon.

This is another project I'm working on.. I'm running out of time!!


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Scrappy Girl said...

Love that wreath! Cute!

Barbara said...

Your wreath turned out awesome.

Mama Bair said...

Michelle, the wreath is beautiful! I don't know how you do it all. Lori Bair

Jenn said...

That wreath turned out great!!