Saturday, October 24

Thankful vintage

Here are a few Thanksgiving Vintage images for you to enjoy!... Right click and save if you so choose... and make some sort of creation....

Some of them crack me up... Lets go for a ride on the turkey we're going to eat for dinner! Or ... come on turkey.... come listen to my music and take a bite of fresh corn, I want to fatten you up for dinner! or the ones where the poor kids look scared to death of the turkey!


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Scrappy Girl said...

I think all of those kinda creep me out for some reason...I think it is the impending doom for the

Kellys Art Journaling/ Sharing The Journey said...

These are very cute Michelle. I'm not creeped out at all by the turkeys - LOL.

Nana said...

Very sweet. I love vintage things.
Those cards were a hoot.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE these!