Tuesday, November 25

What's in a Name?

I came across this post today! LOL! I cracked up reading it...


So what is in a name?? I went to school with a Harry Butt. My kids went to school with Harley Davidson. My last name growing was Waddoups and you can only imagine how that went... probably because nobody knew for sure how to say it.

My Moms Family name is Kinghorn.
Origin - Scottish..

What do you know about your family name??

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Scrappy Girl said...

My maiden name is Irish and my married name unfortunately means "your hubby is the only sane one in his entire family." LOL

Vicki Sullivan said...

How funny. LOL I can just picture how the conversation went ;-)

Ashley said...

I married a Colombian so no one here in the south knows how to pronounce my name... heck, I barely know how to pronounce my name.

I went to college with an Allen Jackson. We always had a good time with that.

Sandy said...

Waht a sweet comment you left on my blog!!! Thank you so much!

What do I think of my name???

My maiden name was Trzcinski. I had to spell my name my whole life and everyone knew I was Polish. After I got married to "Jon Cooper" (yawn...to the name, not the man!), I stopped spelling and thought I'd love it.

Actually, I do love having my husband's name...but I do miss the "ethnic" part of my maiden name.

Sandy "COOPER"

natalie said...

Okay, that is just hysterical! Someone with a last name of "Butt" actually named their son Harold/Harry?!?! Cruel! LOL.

I once had a customer at the bank named "Merry Christmas" and she spelled her name Merry instead of Mary! LOL!

Lorie said...

I know that my maiden last name is German...Brookhiser. I know that my great-grandparent immigrated here from Germany and I know that I couldn't be more proud to be a Brookhiser! :o)