Sunday, November 23

10 Things

I've been journaling several things from my on-line class with Jessica Sprague. I'll probably end up sharing a few of my stories with you. My assignment today was something about myself. I chose to journal about the last ten things I purchased for myself. This one was tough. I had to sit down and think about it. Some of the things listed here will be used for others but since its part of my creative enjoyment, it's really for me, also. I combined my journaling with digital scrapbooking.


This kit is from The Sweet Shoppe.

While creating this digital journal.. My Handyman called for me to come outside. This is what he was looking out. The pictures don't portray it very well but the snowflakes were HUGE!!


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sandy said...

Just stopping by for a visit from SITS!

I have such a hard time to buying for myself too.
I'm loving the snow! Have a great day:)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comment! Your journaling and digital scrapbooking is really neat...a very cool idea.
We lived in Idaho (Mountain Home Air Force Base)from 2000-2003 and I LOVED it there. I miss Boise and how friendly the people are there :) Oh...and loved the skiing in McCall!

Speedcat Hollydale said...

You have some more Moxi Java??

... and are those virtual snowflakes??? :-)

jesse said...

Wow, your pictures are amazing, and I love the digital scrapbooking... how pretty!

TMI said...

Snowfall is magical, isn't it?

edie+steve said...

Loved your digital 'project' especially the comment about the dresses in the too! And I'm so jealous of the snow.

Scrappy Girl said...

Love this journaling idea. Where do you take your online journaling class? I do the same thing when I am shopping and find something I like...I buy it in almost every color! LOL