Thursday, November 20

Doin' It up

Look what is published in this months Meridian in the Middle magazine!!
Its Scissorbella!!! Of course she wants me to scrap it for her!

She's a stylist at an Aveda salon.. You can check it out HERE.

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Veggie Mom said...

Really nice, but Up-Dos hurt my head! Hey there! I'm visiting from SITS. Gotta Great Giveaway Goin' over at My Place. Please stop by when ya can!

angie said...

Your daughter's skills are great!

Under you at SITS roll call, stopping by to say hi!

Vicki Sullivan said...

cool - makes you proud as a mom, huh!

Speedcat Hollydale said...

That is SOOOO COOL!!!!!!!!!

Woot Woot!