Sunday, November 16

Stories in Hand

I am taking an online journaling class offered by Jessica Sprague...

I'm on day four and have made a story on hand book, which is divided into sections. Roots, Family, Self, Spouse and a tab for each child. There is a whole list of questions under each section to spark the memory and start journaling....


Example.. Roots: Ancestors, Your Mother and Father, Your Birth and Childhood, Your teenage years, Young Adulthood.
Family: Dating and Marriage, Pregnancy, Your children and Babies, Family Life, Grandchildren etc.
Self: Times then and now. Memorable Experiences, Work, Pets, Travel, Hobbies/Talents/Creativity, Home and surroundings, Religion/philosophy/Spirituality... etc.

There are hundreds of questions.

I also made a little travel book to keep in my purse to make notes on what is happening now in my life.. I can jot down notes to keep track of memories. I've always loved journaling. Oh how I would love to have journals from Grandparents to read about their life growing up...

We write to taste life twice, once in the moment, and once in retospection.

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Mandy said...

THanks for stopping by! This saucy blog thing is exciting!

Catherine said...

This is so cool

Brandy said...

Um LOVE this! We need to have a Mama-Michelle-teaches-B-everything-she-knows-about-making-adorable-stuff-day. I'm all about creating new holidays that suit my needs. =)

Zen Ventures said...

This is a good concept. I like the fact that it makes you "locate" who your ancestors are and relatives related to you (of course!) Great gift to your kids I should say :)
Thanks for posting this! very innovative.


Tulsi said...

This sounds like a really great idea. I could use a class like this.

I also love finding people around my age!!

Roger said...

Good for you Michelle, have fun with that!