Monday, October 15

Spiffed UP!

I had to post this picture. Eric and Jenn had a wedding Saturday so they bought this little outfit for Carter to wear! Isn't he cute all spiffed up???
I know! I know! Enough with the baby pictures! I'm a proud Grandma so you know there will be more!!!!
I guess I better go get crafty! I need to make a birthday card for the Snow Queen and need to start painting Christmas projects. Wild Ivy is putting up her Christmas Displays right after Halloween! I hardly have anything painted. I just can't get in the mood when its in the 70's outside!!
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1 comment:

Cristie aka Krinkle said...

Michelle, this picture reminds me of that pic you took of Eric in his carseat when he was about a month old. You should do a side by side comparison. What a cutie!!