Tuesday, October 30

The Biggest Winner!!

The Company I work for wants us all to be healthier! The risings costs of health care is enormous! I work at the corporate office and we are Guinea pigs! "Literally!"
We are doing "The Biggest Winner" challenge for 3 months effective Nov 1st.
We had our blood drawn Yesterday to check cholesterol etc. We have a 3 month membership to The Athletic Training Center (across the street) so we went over and got weighed and measured. We have team Tshirts and we're getting a book and pedometer. There will be many prizes awarded based on many different areas. Some people don't need to lose weight but need to get fit! This will be a fabulous challenge! Its great doing it as a group. All the executives are participating. If this works out.. they will eventually get it going company wide. After the 3 months we will have a very discounted membership to the fitness club. We have a tour and orientation Thursday morning! I made an appointment with a personal trainer for Thursday afternoon! Ok you girls that work with me and read this! The game is on!!! My goal is 10 pounds a month! Do you think that is reasonable? Maybe I should wait to make my goal until after I meet with the trainer? I'll keep you posted!!!
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