Sunday, October 7


Tanner is one spoiled dog!!!! I caught him laying on my bed today. He KNOWS that it is off limits. I grabbed my camera and snapped a few shots. He gave me the "Don't Bother Me" look. He didn't even lift his head. He just followed me with his eyes until the last shot. If only I knew what is going through his mind. "Probably, "I want a Treat"!!

Isn't he cute???

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Linda SS said...

I'm a dog lover, and Tanner is one adorable pooch. He looks VERY comfy on your bed and it looks like he's hoping to take over:) I have a spoiled Maltese who now OWNS my bed. I get growled at if he is tired and doesn't feel like moving over. Tanner looks like a big sweetheart, he deserves that treat:) Thanks for sharing his photos!

Wife2TJ said... cute! He deserves to be spoiled!