Saturday, August 11

Art Studio

Is it a studio?  Is it a craft room?  What do you call yours?   I stamp and make cards in here.  I doodle in here.  I draw in here.  I tolepaint in here.  I do art journaling in here.  I study in here.  I do digital scrapbooking in here.   I edit photo’s in here.   I read in here.  I watch movies in here. I sew in here.  And on and on the list goes.   What do you call the room where you create?

Last week we moved the old armoire from the master bedroom into my craft room.  We purchase a new dresser and I thought I could use this to help organize my space.   In other words….  hide stuff behind closed doors.   Notice that I had to move my desk over so the Ink Stack holding all of my ink pads and markers is no longer centered?  The anal in me is trying to get over that because I am NOT going to move the shelf. AND..  the button shelf is no longer centered over the little cabinet under it!  OH the PAIN I’m going through….   It’s my room…  Seriously…  I don’t care..  I have a room and it’s easy access to me.  Here are a few pictures at different angles.   The room is painted champagne.





This is my happy place and I love it! 

Be Creative!

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mE said...

I love seeing your creative space girlie! Don't stress about your InkStak not beng centered. It's all good. I LOVE that you have that armoir in there... stuff behind closed doors is great. One of these days I'm going to get somethin to hide all my crafty schtuff...