Saturday, May 14


A couple of nights ago I got my camera out and practiced a few manual settings.   The sun was going down and it was a little breezy but it was a beautiful evening.  Most of my tulips are about gone but I have a few stragglers still blooming. 

Straight out of the camera. Natural light.  I used my 50mm lens.  Various F stops.

The bleeding hearts are in full bloom, too

And I can’t forget my constant companion

I’m so happy for warmer weather.  I’m going to start packing my camera around again.


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Barbara said...

Love them all. It is a great time of the year to get some awesome captures.

Jenn said...

If you are going to use manual, and various f/stops, you can start messing around in Photoshop to create some HDR masterpieces!

♥Jacqueline said...

Manual mode is so much fun! I've been messing around with it myself and the quality of the photos are so much more pleasing. Your pics turned out great! :)

ArtfulLee Designed said...

great photos Michelle and I love your banner