Tuesday, May 24


This fat little chipmunk came to visit.   Alvin is what I called him.  He was quite friendly and walked right up to us searching for food.    I really didn’t want him eating out of my hands.   Throughout the weekend I set out on a big rock a  couple of peanuts, sunflower seeds and some bread.   His friends and family weren’t quite as out going as he was.

The funniest was the bird trying to eat the bacon.  I was grilling bacon.  I thought I would grill the entire package for the weekend,  breakfast, burgers etc..    My Handyman sat the plate on the picnic table as I was finishing the last batch.   A bright yellow and orange bird (maybe a Tananger) flew down and tried to snatch a piece. 

I added a Florabella texture to this one.


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Brandy said...

omg he is SO fat!! He's so cute that I bet he gets treats a lot. That's what happens with Riley haha.

Jenn said...

Alvin definitely has NOT missed many meals! So cute!