Monday, May 23


Can you imagine the country that this Ole Freight train has seen? What an adventure.   It is pulling about 50 loads of cargo.  Probably either heading to a barge along the Columbia River or possibly on into Portland.

First stop across the bridge is Huntington, Oregon.

Remnants of the Old Oregon Trail can still be seen today when one is traveling north from Farewell Bend State Recreation Area toward the town of Huntington on U.S. Route 30.

Evidence of the hardships and tragedies of the pioneer movement still exists: a small iron cross, visible from Route 30, marks the location where Snake River Shoshone Indians killed a number of emigrants in 1860.

At the turn of the 19th century, Huntington developed a reputation as "Sin City", a rugged frontier town having its share of saloons, Chinese opium dens, and gunslingers.


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