Tuesday, February 23

Gift Registry

Sunday I went with Scissorbella and Prince Charming  and David’s Mom, Jackie, to do their gift registry for their wedding.  What an adventure!  So much fun stuff to choose from!
Our first stop was Kohls.   David was quite excited to use the gun!

After two hours at Kohls, we went to lunch at Jimmy Johns and had some great sandwiches.  Its the first time any of us had been there.

Oh Brother!  Another picture??

Our last stop.  Target.  Its amazing how much stuff they have to choose from!   Decisions! Decisions!


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Adorned with Lace said...

Ahhh what a fun day! Thanks for going with us:)

Kellys Art Journaling/ Sharing The Journey said...

That's awesome Michelle. So much fun, so much work too! lol.