Tuesday, August 4


We decided to plant a few veggies this year. I told you about the tomatoes in the Topsy Turvy! Well, I have cucumbers growing up some netting and a couple of types of chiles on our patio. Nothing seems to be doing very well this year. Is it because we had such a cool, wet Spring? I don’t know. Our grass is even sickly this year. Not very green and healthy. I’ve eaten a few Roma tomatoes but everything else is slow! I should be reaping the harvest by now!

I want some fresh tomato sandwiches! Please hurry!


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Jenn said...

Does Tanner eat the tomatoes?

Kellys Art Journaling/ Sharing The Journey said...

You are doing much better than us here in Calgary. Not to mention that I do not know how to grow anything. THose "Roma's" make my mouth water just looking at them!

Scrappy Girl said...

I love growing fruits and veggies...so fun to watch it grow!

I am having a giveaway today to celebrate 500 posts!

Linda Peterson said...

Your vegetables look a lot better than mine.

mE said...

I love your veggies... yum! My gramma has done the Topsy Turvy thing - but homemade with a 5 gal bucket.... I've been wanting to do that, maybe next year. Currently we have 17 or 18 tomato plants in a raised box... we've been enjoying tomatoes here and there ...

Seriously going to have to make some netting for the cucumbers... ours are on the ground, LOTS of flowers, but no real veggies yet.... crossing fingers for a good harvest in a month or so. I think we have till early/mid Sept to keep on growing things.