Tuesday, November 13

My Toe

The fitness program seems to be going ok. I tweaked my back a couple of weeks ago but so far that hasn't been a problem. Only when I sneeze! I feel like I have a rib jabbing into my lung!!! Last week, Wilt was wrestling and trying to tickle me. I jumped because of my back and turned and he stepped on my little toe and broke it. So.... Thats another thing I'm dealing with. We got the treadmill moved back out to the garage so that I can do it anytime of the day.
I did the treadmill as a warmup for about 10 minutes before working the machines at ATC. I need to wrap my foot. Tomorrow will be better! The weights are great! Its so nice having the gym right across from the gym. We received our team T-shirts yesterday. Our Team is Red. We decided to be the Rowdy Red Rebels.!!
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