Friday, August 17

Blog Style Scattergories

Here is a fun little game... Blog Scattergories found on The Beauty Within blog.
Answer all of the following questions and each answer has to begin with the first initial of your Name. Obviously, mine has to be M.

Your Name: Michelle
Famous Artist/Band/Musician: Martina McBride
4 letter word: Must
Vehicle: Mustang
TV SHOW: Mork and Mindy
City/Town: Minneapolis
Boy Name: Morgan
Girl Name: Mine
Occupation: Manager
Something you wear: Mousse
Celebrity: Mandy Moore
Food: Mushrooms
Something found in a kitchen: Measuring Cups
Reason for Being Late: Muddy
Cartoon Character: Mickey Mouse
Something You Shout: Move Over!

Good luck! Post these on your blog or in a comment to me and have fun with it!
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