Sunday, August 5


Its was Kuna Days this weekend. There was a big BBQ at the park and then Fireworks. They lasted about 30 minutes. Saturday morning Wilt and I got up about 4:30am and drove to Steck Park on Brownlee Reservoir. We heard the cat fishing was good so we thought we would give it a try. 3 hours and only a few bites. We were home by noon, so we headed down to Kuna Days again. We had corndogs and some kind of potato for lunch. I think its call the potato tornado??

Here is a picture of Rock Island where we were fishing.

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Rochelle W said...

What a gorgeous spot for fishing. When we lived in MN I used to go fishing all the time. I haven't done any since we moved to CA 4 years ago. I miss that. This place does remind me of a place that I went last year to take pictures. I took a few classes at the local college for photography and I went to the American river (California's Mississippi) to take picures. I could have sat out there all day.