Monday, August 20

State Fair

Yesterday we sent to the State Fair. Its been a few years since we've been. We pretty much go for the food! LOL!! It was a great day to go. It was cooler and overcast. We wandered around looking at all the rides and carnival games. We checked at all the animal barns and 4H entries. I wonder if any of the cows are related to Pioneer Woman's??
There was alot of nice handmade/grown items. Its nothing like the exitement I remember as a kid!!! But we still had a good time!
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Rochelle W said...

Looks like fun. We go for the food too. This year our fair has deep fried Coca-Cola. I am going to have to try that.

Anonymous said...

Wow, those pictures are beautiful....what kind of camera do you have?

Michelle said...

I use a Cannon Rebel XT - I've only had it a few months and still learning how to use it! Its been fun. Thanks