Friday, October 3

I love the Ocean

It’s been a couple of years since we were at the Oregon Coast.   I love it there.    We were there the first week in September and the weather was beautiful.  It was the high 80’s most of the week.  We had a couple of days just over 90.  It was crazy hot!    The ocean breeze made it bearable, though.

We love to crab in Newport at Yaquina Bay.  This is the bridge from the crabbing pier.     The seagulls were yelling….  mine. mine. mine. mine. mine. the entire time.

_MG_3007_edited-1 _MG_3011_edited-1

Sunset from the house where we were staying.   There is a tiny view of the ocean just under the sun.


One day we drove North, between Lincoln City and Tillamook and stock several times.

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Depoe Bay is a tiny little bay.   The little town is where several whales live and hang out all year long.

 _MG_3078  _MG_3077

_MG_3079 _MG_3084_edited-1

Our house is near Gleneden Beach.  The rest of our week we stayed South of Lincoln City.

_MG_3091_edited-1 _MG_3099_edited-1 _MG_3109_edited-1  _MG_3119

_MG_3120_edited-1 _MG_3123 _MG_3130_edited-1 _MG_3142_edited-1 _MG_3149 _MG_3151

We saw several whales at every stop, spouting not far in the distance.

_MG_3206 _MG_3210 _MG_3213   

One day it was a little overcast and the whales were almost to shore in Depoe Bay. It was late afternoon as the sun was going down. Two young ones, about 20-30 feet were right up against the rocky shore feeding.


It was hard to come home.  We love it there!

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