Wednesday, October 1

Cards, and more cards

Not much to say except that I’ve made a few cards the last several weeks.    I’ve been trying to use up supplies and stamps.  I miss the time working in my craft room.   I love sitting down, thinking about the person who will get the card and make it special for them.   I also love using my copic markers and the blending and shading.  It can be quite a challenge. 

20140816_201003 20140830_185108 

IMG_20140908_201418 IMG_20140927_053304 IMG_20140927_062343 IMG_20140927_210639 IMG_20140925_203939IMG_2643IMG_20140928_162034_MG_1970

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Jenn said...

I can't wait to get back to regular crafting. I have a few more shoots to finish editing and then my free time is back!