Tuesday, September 30

Class of 2015

I’ve known Tyler since he was about 3.  His family lived across the street from me.  They are an awesome family.  When his mom asked if I would take his Senior pictures,   I couldn’t refuse. 

We took a couple of photo’s on a bluff above the Boise River and a few right down along the Boise River.

_MG_2693_edited-1 _MG_2714_edited-1 _MG_2724_edited-1

 _MG_2755_edited-1 _MG_2757_edited-1 _MG_2738_edited-1  _MG_2736_edited-1

 _MG_2758_edited-1 _MG_2792_edited-1  _MG_2728_edited-1_MG_2788_edited-1_MG_2781_edited-1 _MG_2808_edited-1 _MG_2811_edited-1 _MG_2792_edited-1_MG_2816_edited-1 _MG_2876_edited-1_MG_2855_edited-1   _MG_2866_edited-2

Enjoy your Senior year.  It will go quick!

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