Saturday, October 18


Do you doodle?  I’ve been a doodler for as long as I remember. I’m constantly drawing shapes on paper.  I have a hard time sitting still.  Not always; but most of the time.   If you’ve read my blog for very long you’ll see that I tolepaint (decorative painting),  paper craft, do digital scrapbooking, art journaling, play the piano, a little bit of photography and a few other random things.     I guess you can say I use the right side of my brain.

For my profession,   I am a computer programmer.   I always analyze things and I’m good at math and science. (so are all of my kids)  I am pretty anal and like to have everything in it’s place. I like everything nice and organized which makes me efficient; or a time manager.  

I wonder how many people use both sides of their brains equally?   What side of the brain do you use?   Or do you use both sides?


Last April,  during General Conference (you can read about it HERE)  or you can view all of the talks HERE, I decided to put my doodling to good use.  As I listened to the speakers I wrote down words that impressed me and started doodling; aka Sketching.    I used my Strathmore Bristol Smooth 12x12 pad and a couple of journaling pens; American Crafts Memory Maker and Prismacolor .05.   They both are permanent black ink. I don't use a pencil; I just go for it.  

This is what happened.   It was good therapy.


I didn’t make anything else until September when we had the General Women’s meeting for all females ages 8 and up.  I wasn’t able to attend, but I watched all of the speakers HERE.   

This is what I created.


I had a friend ask me to make one for her with a Young Women’s theme.   Shewants to give as gifts to the Young Women in her ward.    I should have thought of this since I was in my wards Young Women Presidency for 2 1/2 years.

A couple of days ago I was given the name of a local printer.  I’m hoping to take to them and have them scan and print me a few copies (probably of all three).   I want a good image that I can share with others.



I tried to take good pictures.  I had to set them on a flat surface,  climb on a ladder and take some shots.  

Are you a doodler?   Do you put your talents that Heavenly Father gave to you to good use?



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