Monday, March 3

Where is Spring

Mother Nature surprised us with a couple of really nice 60* days last week; then the rain came back.    I know. I know!   We need the moisture, and I am thankful for it.    When the sun comes out and warms up the air, I want to dig in the dirt and walk barefoot in the grass.  That won’t be happening for a few more weeks so I’ll settle for a few walks in between rain storms when the sun pokes out.

Here are a few more pictures that I took while on my walk along Indian Creek.   As you can see,   there is a tiny bit of green peeking through amongst the dead.

_MG_0659_edited-1  _MG_0661_edited-1

A roll of old barbed wire.


_MG_0656_edited-1  _MG_0658_edited-1


 _MG_0649_edited-1    _MG_0655_edited-1

_MG_0648_edited-1_MG_0651_edited-1 _MG_0652_edited-1_MG_0654_edited-1_MG_0662_edited-1

Here is my before picture from my Color blind post.

colorblind 2

I love Idaho.  It has so many beautiful qualities about it, and they’re only a few steps from my front door.


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