Monday, March 24

M4H P52: 11/52, 12/52

I am a cheater this week.   I tried to think of a pattern for week 11.  Every time I found something I didn’t have my camera bag with me.    Then week 12 came and the theme was blue.  

I was looking out my window Saturday morning and was hoping to see a beautiful Spring day.    As I was peeking through the blinds I thought; what a perfect pattern.    I grabbed my phone and snapped a shot.   And guess what?  The beautiful clear blue sunny sky was showing through in all of it’s glory.  

The whole purpose of doing this challenge is to get me out and about with my camera and to be creative.   It seems I have too many other priorities.   We’ll see how the rest of the year goes.   Wish me luck!

Week 11 – Patterns

Week 12 – Blue



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