Wednesday, May 1

A Walk in the Park

A couple of weeks ago I grabbed my camera and headed to Kathryn Albertson Park in Boise.  It is a nature park.   I was hoping to find a few goslings wandering around but the geese were still nesting.


_MG_5621 copy

The turtles were even sunning themselves.

_MG_5624 E

As I was wandering down the path I spotted several deer enjoy the shade back in the brush.


This has been a beautiful spring for the flowing trees.




Isn’t this the best shade of pink ever?


I ended the afternoon attending  a birthday party for this little cutie.

IMG_5675 E

Her brother was a bundle of energy and had fun rolling down the hill at the park.


IMG_5707_edited-1 copy


It was a perfect day!


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Jenn said...

The geese are out of control at KAP - very aggressive. There is a baby deer, too - saw it the other day when I was there for a shoot. So cute!