Tuesday, September 28

Constant Companion

Can you guess what is always in hand at Grammy’s house?    No kidding…   He sticks it in his pocket while going potty. Eats with it and even tries to sleep with it. 

Best $1.97 I ever spent!


It really cracks me up how the instinct kicks in and he tries to aim.    He’s quite the hunter.

                                                                     Of hugs and kisses.

Sometimes Tanner is the target but he doesn’t seem to mind.

I have him again this next weekend.  We may take a day trip to a farm.  We’ve been having weather well into the 90’s.   Odd for this time of the year. 

Turn off music above and enjoy!

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Scrappy Girl said...

The simple toys are best! My kiddos are currently playing with cardboard boxes...their fave!