Saturday, April 12

M4H P52: 15/52

I went shopping today.  I don’t like to shop.  I have to psych myself  to go..  UGH!    I don’t like dealing with the other shoppers.  Because of that, I usually do most of my shopping on line.  

I had a couple of great coupons about to expire and I really needed a pair of new jeans.   A few weeks ago, my employer started allowing salaried employees to have Friday casual day.   I get to wear jeans to work!   It’s only one day a week but I’ll take that!

As you know,   the new style of jeans are  worn and have the white stitching.   I had a hard time finding a pair that wasn’t frayed or full of holes.   I can’t wear those to work.   I found a pair of long jeans and a pair of Capri's. I love them.

This weeks word -  WHITE


PS…  I also bought a couple of pair of shoes..  It was a successful shopping day.


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