Sunday, April 6


As I walked down the path along Indian Creek, I was looking and studying everything.   I wanted some macro shots and I wanted practice.   I took a lot of photo’s.  Some not so good.  I adjusted the F-stop many times to see the different bokah effects. 

Mother Earth is rebirthing.   Buds of life are showing up everywhere.  I took pictures of a few of the shrubs along the creek as they’re starting to leaf.  I took pictures of a couple of trees in bloom.   Most of my pictures, quite honestly, are well….. weeds. I know I need more practice but that is part of the fun of the adventure.    

_MG_0730_edited-1 _MG_0731_edited-1 _MG_0734_edited-1 


Weeds have such tiny delicate flowers.  Most of these tiny little beauties only measures about 1/4” – 1/2” across.   I found yellow, white, purples and pinks.   So pretty. 

_MG_0727_edited-1 _MG_0735_edited-1   _MG_0757_edited-1 _MG_0765_edited-1

I got down on my hands and knees and practiced taking some close ups.


I even took some close ups of the tree bark and pine needles,

  _MG_0720_edited-1 _MG_0721_edited-1 _MG_0722_edited-1


Here are a few from home.   My tulips are starting to get some color. Tulips are my favorite.

_MG_0767_edited-1 _MG_0768_edited-1

Hens and Chicks


I hope you notice all of the beauty that is around you today.  Get out and enjoy nature.

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