Friday, January 4

What Is Your Word?

Do you have a word for 2013?   I haven’t picked a word for a couple of years.  If you’re not sure where to start, you can always take this class given by Ali Edwards over at Big Picture Classes.  One little word… where will it take you?   Over at  Jessica Sprague’s blog, she talked about her word for 2013.  It really inspired me.   I thought about it for awhile and I decided on my word.



How do you like my word?  What does Ole Mr. Webster have to say about it?   He defines it as:  1.  To weigh in the mind   2. To think about; reflect on.  3. To think or consider especially quietly; soberly and deeply.

This is my plan for 2013.   I plan to Ponder.

Last year our church leaders asked us to choose an attribute of Christ and use it in our daily lives.   I chose Knowledge.   Ponder would have been a great word to go along with it.  I am one that believes in increasing our knowledge, whether is be spiritual, educational, random facts,  or just simply for something that interests us.

If you know me, I am almost always enrolled in some kind of class.  I am currently taking (at my own pace) a couple of classes from Jessica Sprague.   I just started the My History Project taught by Kerri Bradford.   This is a 52 week project.   (Wish me luck!)  And I’ll be doing another year of the Scrap*Life*Journal class.  I didn’t quite get through all of Project 52 last year over at My Four Hens so I don’t think I’ll be doing that one this year, although I did find quite a few mini photo challenges on Pinterest.  I may give one of them a try.

I am going to lighten up my schedule, do a little less and learn to say “NO” so that I can focus and Ponder on the important things in life.

This is picture of my journal cover for My History Project.


And a few sneak peaks of the inside.   I’m not sure how much of this I will share with you.  Maybe a story here and there during the year.    I’ve smeared a few of the words for a little privacy on the following pages.




Pick your word… Go with it… Enjoy the journey and as always…….


Be Creative!


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Amy Sheffer said...

Hey Michelle, I'm doing the History Project too. Saw your lovely pic in the FB group and said, "Hey, I know her!" Your journal looks awesome! I haven't started mine yet because I can't decide which journal to use. How pathetic is that?!